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  • Ashley Cimarolli

“We can’t keep doing this”: Professor Denies Caitlin Clark’s Essay Extension Request Again

caitlin clark email

Caitlin Clark, marketing student at the University of Iowa, is looking onward to her next steps — graduating. Last year was the first nail in the coffin for her marketing professor, as she missed four consecutive weeks of classes. Clark was told if this happens again, she would not be able to graduate.

Here we are, deep into the next year and Clark hasn’t been seen in class since week nine. Clark claims she is busy hanging out with basketball icons and celebrities alike… alright Caitlin, sure, and I killed OJ.

Her professor has made it clear that her delusions of grandeur and self-proclaimed “fame” are not good enough excuses. I mean who here has heard the name Caitlin Clark? I know I haven’t!


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