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Where Are They Now? Read About This “Home Alone 2” Star’s Downfall

trump mugshot and trump in home alone 2

From movies to crack: Read about the heartbreaking story of this humble aspiring actor turned delinquent now that criminal reports and a mugshot have surfaced.

It seemed like just yesterday when the star of the 1992 film “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” delivered his famous line: “Down the hall and to the left.” This sentence would shock the country, sending this young man into stardom. That’s where it all went downhill.

Unbeknownst to many, the man’s name is Donald John Trump. He was born in Queens, New York City, New York in 1946. He was the fourth child of a poor money tree farmer, Fred Trump. His early childhood was spent in a strict boarding school, where Donald was often reprimanded and disciplined for questionable reasons.

At age 13, he fled his home and found refuge in the New York Military Academy. He would spend the rest of his childhood under the care of the drill sergeants.

donald trump in the military

Throughout Trump’s childhood, he scrambled enough money together to save up for college. In 1964, he managed to be admitted to Fordham University, a small community college in New York. Two years later, he was able to transfer to the University of Pennsylvania, where he would graduate with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1968.

Trump’s plan was to take over his father’s money tree farm, however this dream would quickly be squashed when he was drafted into the Vietnam War shortly after graduating college. Trump had a few close calls during his deployment. He fortunately returned to the United States with 45 confirmed kills and the only wife he would ever have: Suki-Suki Dik, a Vietnamese prostitute.

Instead of returning to his father’s money farm, and with a mere $4,500,000,000 to his name, Trump decided he wanted to follow his true childhood dream. He bought a bus ticket, packed a bag, and took himself and Suki-Suki across the country to the City of Fallen Angels, where the ocean meets the sand: Los Angeles, California. Trump was going to be an actor!

Trump started small. In the 80s, he made appearances as a WWE wrestler. He went by his stage name, Orange Justice. For nearly a decade, he made a real name for himself as a wrestler, but ultimately decided it was time to hang his coat up. He joined the Film Actors Guild and landed his next big hit: His own reality TV show, The Apprentice.

To many, The Apprentice would be the peak of their career, but it was just the start for this man. Trump played a modest CEO of the fictional “Trump Organization,” a callback to his simple roots.

trump in the apprentice

After just the first season of The Apprentice, Trump had movie offers coming at him like never before. He would humbly decline many of them, taking a role here and there. But no WWE career or reality TV show would rival his soon-to-be magnum opus: “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.”

home alone 2 poster

It was the perfect film with the perfect star. Trump was the most famous man in the country. Girls wanted to be with him, boys wanted to be him. He was on top.

But when you’re on top, there’s only one way to go from there.

Donald Trump and Jeffery Epistein
Donald and his lifelong friend, Jeff.

Trump met many new friends, however our sources tell us that they may have contributed to his decadence.

Donald Trump and O.J. Simpson
Donald and his good friend, O.J..

Soon after the 1992 release of Home Alone 2, the luxuries of superstardom would get to Trumps head. He became deeply involved with Los Angeles sex parties, hard drugs, and alcohol abuse. Rumor has it this is around the time him and Suki-Suki became distant, and eventually divorced. His father had been passed away for over a year. Her husband’s death caused Trump’s mother to go crazy and flee into the northern woods of Saskatchewan, never to be seen again.

After enough time had passed, Trump had abandoned his acting career. For nearly two decades, fans would never see him on a screen again. He had effectively vanished.

On August 24, 2023, America would be refreshed to see their favorite star’s face once more. Only this time, in a negative light. A mugshot of Trump released after he had been caught in Atlanta reportedly “smacking the shit out of a hooker for biting his nuts,” in a press release from the Atlanta Police Department.

The story is still developing as officials release more information. Trump remains in custody at the Fulton County Jail. His bond is reportedly set at a whopping $24 and a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

Will the former star ever recover from this humiliation, or will he be lost to history as the son of a failed money farmer?


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