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Woah, Did You Guys Just See That?!?!

woah did you guys see that

As the quarantine drags onward in Iowa City, students – wait. Wait! Holy shit, look at that! Look out your window! Are you guys seeing this? Oh my God that is absolutely breathtaking. Everyone go to your window right this fucking instant, you’re gonna be so pissed at yourself if you miss this. Oh- oh, shit it’s leaving! Quick, get your ass to the window and check this out before—oh, it’s gone. It went away.

Like I was saying, students facing the isolation of quarantine in Iowa City have come up with several unique ways to battle their boredom. Some notable activities UI students have taken up include okay I’m sorry but you guys all saw that right? Just outside your window! It was going so fast and high, and then it got all big? You missed it? What? How come? You couldn’t see it from your window? What are you talking about? It was right there, I just saw it! You didn’t see it though? Damn. What a shame. Talk about a missed opportunity.

Anyways, with most businesses around Iowa City shut down, UI students are struggling with…sorry.

I just, I can’t get that out of my head. I mean are you kidding me? That was insane. I can’t believe you missed it. It was absolutely fantastic. The wildest thing I’ve seen in weeks. No – months! It was indescribable. I can’t believe you didn’t see it. Sorry, I”ll let it go, it’s just that there’s so few exciting things these days. One finally comes along, and… oh man.

Ahem. Students still in Iowa City have been combating boredom through — OH MY GOD IT’S BACK! Are you kidding me? Look at it! Holy fucking shit it’s even bigger and faster and higher than before! Look out your window, right now! Who even knows when the next interesting thing will happen?


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