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  • Ashley Cimarolli

Woman Who Still Plays Wordle Just Got Job as Admissions Counselor

admissions counselor woman

Great news! The woman who sits a few rows in front of you in class just got a job as an admissions counselor. In the year of our lord 2023, this woman still plays wordle every single day, with the same effort and determination that she had in 2020. She may not guess the word often, but she is surely going to try!

Becca Carter was sitting in the waiting room of the Admissions office in the Pomerantz Center, harmlessly playing her twentieth round of wordle for the day on the uninspiring “Wordus” app, when she was discovered by a friendly admissions counselor. A source told us this Wordus app is actually just wordle, but it never ends, a waking nightmare for many.

The admissions counselor was so impressed with her extensive wordle playing that she hired Carter on the spot. They discussed how today’s Wordle was unbelievably difficult and words with the same letter twice should be banned from the game entirely. The word was “moron.”

Carter claims that this job offer was surprising but not unexpected. She has been sitting in the academic advising center for the past two weeks straight playing wordle, wordus, quordle, octordle, sedecordle, queerdle, nerdle, cine2nerdle, taylordle, globle, wordle, dordle, and crosswordle waiting for someone to take notice.

Carter now takes pride in her job and helping other students figure out wordle. A recent student of hers commented “I’m just trying to graduate” when Carter attempted to introduce him to secedordle: worldle but it’s 16 of them. Carter remains giddy about her work and is creating her very own wordle called counselordle, in which students have to guess the class they need to take in order to graduate, but she doesn’t tell them until after they’ve graduated! She’s sure it will be the next big thing.


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