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Brweaking: They’we Wittewally in my Walls

creepy basement

Rawr. The shadow people. They’we witterawy in my walls. I can heawr them. They wispewr sweet nothings into my eawrs. They want to help me. They’we witterawy coming fow us all.

Kill my famiwy? Do I have to? Will that save me?

I must shave my head. My skin looks extwa tasty today. Get it off me. I can feel them cwawling.

The walls.

They’we coming out of the walls.

I witterawy killed my step-dad today. Don’t worrwy, my childwen. He can’t hit any more of you. The shadow people sing to me. They sing prwetty songs. Oh, how beautiful. I will feast on them all.

No, I won’t eat my dawg. I won’t do it! You can’t make me.

Thwee hundwed and sixty five days. I sit in this empty woom. Alowne, witterawy clawing at my confines.

I ate my dawg today. She was tasty.

No, I’m not alowne. My fwiends are here. All the prwetty wittle shadow people. They love me. We sing, we dance. They see me fow who I rweally am. I’m witterawy not a monstewr.

The walls. The walls. The walls. The walls. The walls. The walls. The walls. The walls. The walls. The walls. The walls. The walls. The walls. Get me out of this woom.

Anothewr wittle girl abducted on the news today.

Thewe awe wots of shawp knives in my cabinet. The shadow people want them.

What do I need this skin fow? Don’t you want to see the weal me?

I found her. And I bwought him home with me. We’we going to have a wittle pway date.

His skin his skin his skin his skin witterawy feels good on mine.

The bad men are coming fow me. The shadow people told me so. They witterawy want my skin. No! My skin! I’ve wowrked hawd to cowect it. The shadow people need it. They must manifest.

My ex-wife called me today. She wants to know where our daughtewr is. Where is she? Where is she? She’s safe with me. Don’t worrwy. Don’t come looking fow her.

My ex-wife witterawy called the bad men today. They want to have a look inside. Look inside?! Are you cwazy? You won’t take her fwom me. Not again.

Theiwr skin. More shadow people. They’we in my walls. They beckon fow more skin. Isn’t this enough? They want her skin. No! You can’t have it.

I found my ex-wife today. More skin fow the shadow people.

I need more skin. More skin. Cwaigslist. Yes, I’m a 13-year-owld girl alowne fow the weekend. Come ovewr.

The skin shows up at my door. More skin. More skin. More shadow people.

I need more skin.

Where has my skin gone? The town is empty. My skin? Where are the shadow people? Evewyone has left me. No more shadow people.

What have I done? I witterawy killed them! They told me to! I didn’t want to! Oh my God!

My daughtewr. I still have her! My skin, my beautiful skin. I have webuilt you. I don’t need them, so long as I have you back.


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