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Breaking: Barbara Wilson Spotted With Pete Davidson

barbara wilson and pete davidson

Earlier this week Barbara Wilson was spotted with celebrity heartthrob Pete Davidson, just days after the star was seen with Kim Kardashian in New York City. Wilson and Davidson were reportedly seen holding hands and leaving Summit Saturday night. The status of their relationship is still unclear.

“Pete is really exploring his options right now,” an insider close to Pete Davidson said, “he’s still young and doesn’t want to get tied down to anything serious right away.”

Unfortunately for Barbara Wilson, her head may be in a different place, according to a close friend of hers.

“Barbara has fallen for Pete very quickly,” the source said, “she hasn’t felt love like this since she was a girl. I just hope Pete doesn’t break her heart.”

Barbara isn’t the only one who may end up with her heart broken in this cougar love affair for the ages. Barbara’s husband John Lammars and their two grown daughters have thoughts of their own according to a third inside source.

“Pete needs to consider he may be breaking up a family,” said the third source, “but at the same time John needs to consider Barbara’s needs are clearly not being met and someone has to tend to that, she’s a woman after all. My heart just breaks for those two grown daughters.”

Many have considered this may just be a publicity stunt, after all it’s white boy winter and having Pete Davidson on your arm is a surefire way to guarantee more funding for the football team. A successful fake relationship may even bring in enough money to fund education as well, but Barbara Wilson’s PR manager promises nothing like that is in the works.

“What Pete and Barbara have is pure sexual connection,” she said, “No one can predict where it will go but Barbara has too much integrity to ever fake something like this even if it could potentially bring in over 2.3 million dollars, according to our latest calculations.”


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