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  • Doily Allergen

UI Overwatch Matches Moved Online For Upcoming Semester

overwatch online

Many details surrounding the spring semester remain uncertain. Many student organizations are hoping to once again meet in person, but the University of Iowa ‘Oddly Omnic’ Overwatch team has preemptively announced their plans to operate online.

Overwatch, a virtual online video game released in 2016, has quickly become one the world’s leading esports, praised for its high skill ceiling and teamwork-based gameplay.

“It was a difficult call to make, but we will be holding all Overwatch matches online next semester,” said team captain Jake Santiago. “Each player will be at a different computer, communicating via the internet.”

The decision was made following the Overwatch League’s announcement that all of their matches will be played online for the foreseeable future.

Santiago left me with this: “It’s tough to imagine a world where esports are played on computers, but it’s the world we are heading into. Oddly Omnic is proud to have made the safe decision, even if it means drastic change.”


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