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Vibe Check: New Target “Really Cool, It’s a Shame More People Don’t Know About it”

downtown ic target

Vibe Check is an ongoing series of guest-written reviews of Iowa City locations and venues, because we simply cannot be bothered to write them ourselves. Today’s Vibe Check comes from guest writer Olivia Hanley, a UI junior who lives under an actual, literal rock. Like a boulder.

I’ve spent three years in Iowa City now, and I’ve gotten pretty familiar with the shops on Washington Street, even as some of them came and went. My favorites have always been the local establishments, the native gems that make this wonderful town what it is. Mesa. Moss. Jimmy Johns. Java House. But I’ve recently encountered the newest addition to the Iowa City family and was so enamored, I had to share it.

I don’t normally promote stores like this, to keep the Iowa City landmarks from being overtaken by the mainstream and infested with capitalism, but guys, Target is absolutely incredible. If you haven’t heard about it, you’re missing out.

I can’t believe nobody’s come up with a store like this before. I mean, a first floor with groceries and cleaning supplies, and a second floor with clothes, electronics, toiletries, crafts, and home décor? Aisle after aisle of treasures. It’s a one-stop trip for everything I could ever want or need, and I find some new delight every time! Where has this been all my life?

And that’s without even mentioning the crown jewel of this college student’s haven: the sprawling alcohol section immediately next to the entrance. It’s like someone just said “we should have a store with everything a college kid could ever want, perfectly tailored to Iowa City and Iowa City only.” Needless to say, the owners of this place are going to be rich very soon.

Of course, all that would be plenty to make this store a uniquely Iowa City landmark, but in classic Target fashion, there’s even more to behold.

There’s always somebody at the door to welcome you to paradise with a cool squirt of hand sanitizer, and always an employee nearby when you need help finding something in the maze of sheer awesomeness. Everyone there is so friendly – no doubt a result of its single location and mom-and-pop-shop atmosphere. Never change, Target. God forbid it ever be franchised. Maybe one more store, way out in Coralville or something, but no more after that.

Frankly, it’s no wonder that this place has already raised enough to afford its own banner-toting advertisement planes soaring above Iowa City. Even so, it’s a rather niche place, and I really encourage you guys to come out and support it. We don’t want a repeat incident of Melk.

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