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Doily Allergen Has No More Ideas

bruce harreld in the breakfast club

With Bruce Harreld leaving Iowa City and stepping down as UI President, writers of the Doily Allergen fell into a panic after realizing they have no more content without Harreld around.

“We ran so many articles over the years about Harreld and his plan to leave, but I guess it didn’t seem real until it actually happened,” said editor Kyle Petrie. “Our most recent meeting was us just staring at one another for an hour over Zoom going ‘ummmmmm….’ When we realized just how deeply ingrained Bruce is to our publication, we considered shutting down The Allergen for good and maybe hitchhiking around the country until we get our groove back.”

Ultimately, the organization decided to push through and continue publishing articles, but Allergen writers asked their readers to “bear with us as we figure out who we are without him.”

“Our quality is going to go wayyyy down for a little while,” editor Alex Ohlson said. “We may go through a brief emo phase or a period where we start wearing a fedora for no reason. It’ll be weird.”


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