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Month Week 2020: The Doily Allergen’s Guide

april 2020

Hawkeyes, the air is warming up, the trees are budding, and Hitler’s Birthday is today. That can only mean one thing: Month Week has begun!

There’s only a few things that thrill UI students and Iowa City residents more than the idea of basking in the springtime sun with their favorite calendar in hand. Month Week, a yearly week-long month celebration that takes place in Iowa City every April, is one of The University of Iowa’s most time-honored traditions, and Month Week 2020 is fixin’ to be a huge one.

World renowned guest speakers, a dance, a carnival, and maybe one of the biggest piles of calendars since Month Week 1978–rest assured, the days of this year’s Month Week will fly by like Month minutes or Month seconds or maybe even Month milliseconds.

It couldn’t be less confusing, but we’ll go ahead and give you the run-down for this year’s iteration of UI’s proudest week-long month party.

The Month Week Carnival

If you’ve been around Iowa City long enough, you’re bound to have fond memories of ferris wheel rides and the roasty smell of smoke as a giant pile of calendars is burnt to a crisp. All the carnival hits are here; face paint, games, a freak show, just don’t forget to bring your own snacks because the Month Week carnival never fucking has any and never will. This Year’s Highlights: A freak show featuring a werewolf, a landlord pestering you about rent, and a girl who’s on her period.

The Month Week Dance and Fundraiser

This event is 19+ so grab a glow stick, dress up as your favorite month, and hit the dance floor Hawkeyes! Plenty to drink, and 50% of all proceeds go to pay for 100% of the cost to rent out the IMU’s Main Lounge. This Year’s Highlights: The dance theme for 2020 is the Brazilian Samba, and we’re not sure what that is yet.

The Calendar Swap

Perhaps Month Weeks’s most cherished custom, the Month Week Calendar Swap is a neighborly, feel-good gathering where the Iowa City community comes together to swap calendars with one another. Bring a hammock and get ready to spend the day flipping through a calendar. This Year’s Highlights: They’ll be a general swapping of calendars.

The Monthologist Panel

Interested in learning all thMonth Week 2020: The Doily Allergen’s Guideere is to know about months? Look no further than the monthologist panel. You’ll walk away with a broader view about how months shape our everyday lives, and why February is just horrible. This Year’s Highlights: Guest speakers include winter-month specialist Thomas Alardo, Julyogist Kara E. Wells, and Guns’ N Roses vocalist Axel Rose, who wrote the song “November Rain”

The Month Tasting

If you’ve ever wondered how a month feels on the tongue, take a jaunt on down to the annual month tasting. You’ll never have guessed that June has a rather crisp after-bite of May, and that October tastes exactly how those scented pinecones smell. This Years Highlights: You’ll get to taste a fucking month, it’s incredible


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