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Sleep Schedule Interfering With Student’s Adderall Use

angry sleeper

Local architecture major Rasmus Schlooter has found himself having to put aside his Adderall use after falling back into the pits of a crippling sleep addiction.

“I wish I could quit, but I haven’t been able to handle daily life without it,” Schlooter says. “At this point I get maybe only 1 or 2 good Adderall kicks a week at most.”

Acquaintances of Schlooter have noticed a change in their friend’s lifestyle ever since his latest relapse.

“He’s throwing his life away,” says Schlooter’s friend, Nathan Cremers. “He locks himself in his room for 8 hours a day doing nothing but sleeping.”

Schlooter says his latest relapse came about due to falling back in with the wrong crowd.

“I met up with some old friends I hadn’t seen in years,” Schlooter says. “One thing led to another, and we ended up having a sleepover.”

Schlooter admits he has a problem but worries there may be no help for him at this point.

“If I don’t kick this addiction soon, I may never use Adderall again,” he says forlornly.

If you or a loved one is struggling to balance Adderall use with sleep, consult our Doily hotline: 555-6969


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