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  • Ashley Cimarolli

Student Accidentally Sleeps Through Entire Semester

sleeping man

We’ve all been there… tired and defeated after a long day of having one fifty-minute class at 11am and making a b-line home your bed. The post-class nap is a proven necessity to get you through the rest of the day. For Reggie Stewart in particular, this nap hit HARD.

Reggie had one lecture for a communications major core class called Understanding Comm: Talking 101 on Tuesday, August 27th at 11am, for which he had to wake up at 10:50am and strolled in exactly 3 minutes late to class. He sat down, played the Wordle, NYT mini crossword, the daily strand, and then begrudgingly took notes. Promptly at 11:50am he hustled out of class, ready for bedtime.

He got back to Catlett green, room 1090 at exactly 11:57am, and it was all too much for little Reggie Stewart - he hit the bed, shoes and all. The rest is history. Reggie’s nap lasted for the entirety of the 2024 Spring semester and woke up a single day ago. Sources close to him say he is preparing to do the same thing next Fall and change his major to Sleepology, which he studies during his lucid dreams at night. Reggie is paving the way for students everywhere to find new ways of studying and being experimental with their college paths. Thank you Reggie.


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