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Student Spotlight: Business Student Sells Knives

guy with knives

Look out, Silicon Valley. There’s a new startup in town.

Nathan Cremers, pictured above, was formerly an undergraduate student at the Tippie College of Business, but he’s leaving all that behind to pursue his newest venture: knives. The young entrepreneur claims selling knives will kick start a new wave of commerce in which you can, in his own words, “get rich quick.”

Cremers says he first heard about this opportunity from his friend and fellow business major, Jarren Lucas ‘21, but that he has really been responsible for all the groundwork.

“Basically, I’m in charge of all the heavy lifting. I’m the one who goes door to door selling our product, and Jarren acts as the face of the company,” Cremers explains. “Majority of earnings go up to the top, but I’ll get a share as soon as we become profitable.”

Cremers goes on to discuss the genius business model behind this new start up.

“So, it started out with my friend getting me on board. Then, I was responsible for telling two friends about it. Those two friends each told two friends, and so on. Slowly but surely we’ve built a respectable little company,” Cremers assures us.

Cremers says most of the business partners he gets come from social media.

“We like to promote our business in a very personal way,” Cremers says. “We send DM’s to potential investors, some of whom we haven’t spoken to since high school, and wait for them to fall for–I mean, get enticed by our wide variety of products.”

When asked why they specifically picked knives as their product to sell, Cremers explained that the product isn’t important, it’s how you sell it. He then proceeded to pitch a line of cosmetics and asked us to share it with 10 friends on Facebook for 50% off our first purchase.


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