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  • Ashley Cimarolli

Your Residence Halls as Hunger Games Districts

University of Iowa Residence Halls over Hunger Games characters' faces

Capitol: Rise Apartments

  • We get it, you’re better than all of us

District 1 (Luxury): Peterson

  • Fancy building

  • Athletes who think they’d win

District 2 (Masonry): Catlett

  • Late night fire up grill saves lives

  • Rich freshmen would volunteer for the games

District 3 (Technology): Daum

  • Nerds

  • Bunnel for protection, but you’re too close to Burge to do anything great

District 4 (Fishing): Hillcrest

  • You feed us

  • Near the river, go fish

District 5 (Power): Barbara Wilson’s House

  • Obviously

District 6 (Transportation): Parklawn

  • Losers gotta bus to get to campus

District 7 (Lumber): Slater

  • Both the words end in “er”

District 8 (Textiles): Aspire Apartments

  • Pre-furnished

District 9 (Grain): Rienow

  • Irrelevant

District 10 (Livestock): Stanley

  • No comment

District 11 (Agriculture): Currier

  • Cute outside area

District 12 (Mining): Burge

  • Dirty Burge

  • Mining in the Bunnel

  • No one expects anything great from you, but your love may prevail

District 13 (Rebellion): Mayflower

  • Off the grid

  • We ride at dawn


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