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Caitlin Clark Asked to Star in "Space Jam 3"

Caitlin Clark standing with Lola and Bugs Bunny against a space background with text reading "Space Jam 3"

Beloved University of Iowa athlete Caitlin Clark has been breaking records and wowing fans left and right as of late. Having recently topped the list of the Women’s NCAA Division I Basketball scorers, Clark shows no sign of stopping any time soon. It was only a matter of time before she got asked to put her skills to use on the final frontier: Hollywood. Caitlin Clark has been asked not only to feature on television shows or ads, but she’s been requested to star in the next chapter of the Space Jam saga.

Following the box office bomb and middling critical reception of Space Jam: A New Legacy, the announcement of the new film comes as a great surprise. “We figured that the main reason that the second film did so badly was we didn’t capitalize enough on nostalgia and catered to the wrong demographic,” explained Pamela Abby, Co-chair and CEO of Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group. “We’re fixing that now. Movies focusing on ‘girl-bossery’ with an ever-so-slight feminist slant are what’s in right now, as is Caitlin. Plus… Bugs Bunny told us to do this, and we are bound to obey his rules.”

Not many details have been released about the upcoming major motion picture as of yet, although rumor has it that some scenes will be shot on the University of Iowa campus with acting positions open to theatre arts majors who ask nicely enough. The Looney Tunes themselves will also reportedly be back in their two-dimensional animated glory for this sure-to-be classic. 

Bugs Bunny himself has been very private about his plans for this next big film. When Doily Allergen staff reached out for comment, the reporter was crushed by a giant mallet appearing out of thin air which squashed them into an accordion.

Of course, this whole project hinges on whether Caitlin Clark will accept the role. “I’m not sure,” she said, when asked for her current thoughts. “Right now I’m focused on this team and playing my hardest. I haven’t even decided to participate in the WNBA draft yet. However, I fear the nigh-ultimate power Bugs Bunny and the Looney Toons hold. If they were able to pervert the name of the biblical hunter, Nimrod, into a word meaning ‘idiot’, who knows what they’d do to my name if I decline?”

Caitlin Clark certainly has an impressive opportunity in front of her. Regardless of what she decides, we at the Doily Allergen hope to see her continue her success – whether on the court or on the silver screen – and that Bugs Bunny has mercy on her eternal soul.


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