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Dear Doily: How Do You Beat Night 4 Without Freddy Killing You?

markiplier fnaf

Dear Doily,

I have been stuck on Night 4 of FNAF 1 for weeks now. I can’t figure it out. I always die to Freddy. I’ve got Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy under control, but Freddy always gets me!

He’s always sitting outside my office, in Cam 4B, but he never comes to the door. Am I supposed to keep the right door closed even if he’s not standing right outside of it? I feel like I’d run out of power before 6 AM.

I’d love your advice, as I know it’s a requirement to have beaten 20/20/20/20 mode on FNAF 1 in order to be a member of The Doily Allergen.

Grant me your wisdom! It’s only Night 4!! If I can’t even do this, how will I ever stand a chance on Night 5???


mark plyer

Dear Mark,

Great question!

Night 4 and 5 have two major differences from the previous nights that both help and hurt you:

We’ll start with the positive. The animatronics move on an internal clock that ticks faster the farther you are into the game. Every tick determines whether an animatronic will move or not. For example, on Night 1, the clock is extremely slow, and Bonnie and Chica are your only threats, but Bonnie doesn’t start moving until around 2 AM. At 2 AM, every tick of the clock makes Bonnie ask if he should move or not. If yes, he’ll move to the next room. If not, he’ll stay put. On Night 1, this helps because it can make him getting to you less of a threat since it takes him so long. However, once he’s at your door, he’ll be there for a very long time, likely using a lot of power. In turn, this helps you on later nights such as Night 4 and 5 because the internal clock is so fast that you can count on each animatronic being at your door for very short periods of time, thus saving you a lot of power.

Now for the negative: Freddy. This seems to be your major problem. Freddy is very tricky to learn because he does not behave like the other animatronics. To answer your question on if you should keep the door closed when he’s at Cam 4B: yes, it would be your best bet to keep it closed because when he’s at Cam 4B, he’s only one step away from getting into the office, only indicated by a quiet sound cue. However, using our previous knowledge of the internal clock, we have a solution that will prevent him from ever getting to Cam 4B in the first place.

Keeping your camera on Freddy locks him and Foxy in place. A great strategy we like to use is keeping the camera on Cam 1A for the entire night, flipping it on and off every few seconds. Do this, never change the camera, and quickly check your left and right doors when the camera is down, and Freddy and Foxy should not be an issue. They should remain in place all night. This strategy’s key to success is making sure you’re checking the camera often enough because the internal clock is so fast on later nights that keeping the camera down for even a few seconds too long could result in Freddy moving from the stage and forcing you to guess where he is. Allowing Freddy to move is also detrimental because Freddy is the only animatronic that can teleport (whereas Bonnie and Chica must move consecutively from room to room) and who doesn’t make a consistent audio cue every time he moves. If Freddy does manage to escape the stage, it’s worth letting yourself die and reattempting the night.

We hope that helps! Just keep the camera on the stage and check your doors and you should be good!

Yours Truly,

The Doily Allergen


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