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HawkeyEsports Starts Wizard101 Team

wizard101 and hawkeyesports

Yippie! Everyone’s favorite video game is finally coming to the University of Iowa.

By popular demand, Esports at Iowa has decided to open a Wizard101 team. This request was fulfilled after many University of Iowa students admitted to be playing Wizard101 during lectures instead of taking notes.

Esports at Iowa has organized teams for numerous popular competitive video games, including Overwatch, Valorant, and Super Smash Bros to name a few. Ironically, however, the most popular video game ever made has been excluded from this list: Wizard101.

Despite having a rigorous competitive scene, with World Championship tournaments being held in the globe’s major cities every year, the University of Iowa seems to be behind in the Wizard101 scene.

After many strongly-worded emails and protests outside the HawkeyEsports Arcade, the decision to finally start a Wizard101 team at the University of Iowa has been approved.

Tryouts are slated for October 31 at 10 PM, because what else would a pro gamer be doing on that particular night? Many UIowa students are already well-practiced since they do nothing but play Wizard101 in their lectures. Esports at Iowa is estimating to see at least two-thirds of the student body attend the tryouts in hopes of being Iowa’s next Grand Wizard.

“Wizardry isn’t just a game,” said student Puttyah Dikkenbum. “Wizard101 has built hundreds of thousands of jobs. I’m tired of telling my parents that being a true fire wizard isn’t just some childhood dream, it’s a real career I’m dedicating myself to pursue.”

“I don’t even know what classes I’m in,” Dikkenbum said. “Yes, I’ve been going to them, I’ve just never looked up from my laptop. Not even once. A single fizzle could mean kissing my chances of being on the team goodbye.”

Dikkenbum is one of hundreds of students that are dedicating their days and nights to be the best wizard Iowa has to offer.

If you have yet to start practicing for the tryouts, I suggest now is a good time to get started. The competitors are predicted to be ruthless and cutthroat, not afraid to use a Storm Owl on even the lowest level Troll Minion. Ten ambulances have been reserved to be stationed outside the IMU for any amateur wizards in over their heads.

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