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Kirk Ferentz Caught Selling Football Tickets at Jacked-Up Prices

kirk ferentz ticket marketplace

There you are, looking for a student ticket for this Saturday’s football game. You go to the Iowa Ticket Facebook Marketplace, knowing your fellow Hawkeyes would never sell you short on a good deal. You’re looking for a nice $30 ticket, maybe even a reasonable $40. Hell! You’re willing to settle for $50 if they’re being extra stingy.

What’s this? You go on the Facebook page to find posts advertising, “selling my ticket $100 obo,” “selling my ticket for this Saturday $120 OBO,” “selling my Purdue ticket (68M) dm me with offers😛.”

How can this be? These prices are far too high!

Then you notice something. The author of all these posts is the same person. You see it’s Kirk Ferentz selling these tickets at bookoo prices! How could he?!

These tickets will go for as low as $5 on game day. How dare you try to sell me a $150 ticket? How stupid do you think I am? $170?? $170 my balls!! Go fuck yourself.

There it is. Ever wonder why people have the audacity to sell their student tickets at the same price they got their Season Pass for? Kirk Ferentz is to blame. Don’t get scammed on the battlefield known as the Facebook Marketplace.

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