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  • Ashley Cimarolli

Professors to Play Subway Surfers During Lecture to Finally Gain Students’ Attention

subway surfers in lecture

As students’ attention spans dwindle and the semester’s work begins to amp up, students are rapidly losing interest in lectures and are entirely too intellectually drained. A few select professors decided enough is enough. Instead of creating more interesting lectures, professors have resorted to lecturing while an hour-long Subway Surfers gameplay compilation plays on a split screen with their lecture powerpoint.

“It’s like my brain is so stimulated that all three halves are working together at once,” says Broderick Mattson, Business major.

“Students are definitely taking to the new tactic. I myself have begun playing during class. I started pausing for up to 30 minutes, simply watching the game. No one noticed, they all just watched as the little boy jumped on the subways. It’s quite an impressive feat of animation,” claims an average gen ed professor.

While attention spans continue to evaporate among the younger generation, it begins to affect the attention spans of older generations as well. Professors themselves can’t stop watching. One generic gen ed professor stated that he goes home every night to his kids and puts on a 10 hour long game of Subway Surfers while they have family movie night.

Apparently attendance has gone up 120% and students are receiving exponentially increased scores on their exams, as the exams are now simply testing the students’ ability to stay alive on Subway Surfers. Props to these hard-working professors who are changing the way we will give and watch lectures forever.


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