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  • Delaney Waterman

Spotted: Barb Wilson Raving with Freshmen at Summit

barb wilson at summit

When people think of a university president, they think of suits and formal business, President Barb Wilson is here to put all those ideas to rest. Seen recently after a Hawkeye win with a vodka soda in her hand, Barb isn’t just a normal president, she’s a cool president. Running around the streets of Iowa City with a group of drunk girls, Barb was truly free.

Our team was finally able to catch up with her on the Summit dance floor, where she answered some of our questions, in between throwing it back with the girls. 

“I just want people to know that even presidents have to get sloppy to truly appreciate everything Iowa City has to offer. I mean, where else in Iowa are there smoke shops every block, puke on the street, and Mesa Pizza? This city is electric, and I’m proud to be a part of it.” 

We asked her if she had any last word before she returned to the dance floor, to which she promptly yelled, “FUCK STATE!” before taking a tequila shot and running back into the crowd of sweaty, horned-up freshmen. 

Several eyewitness accounts claim that they saw Barb later that night lying on a bench outside of Brothers. Then later puking in the bushes outside of the public library. Don’t worry, the Ring™ doorbell footage of the president’s mansion shows that she stumbled home around 3 a.m. with a slice of mac n’ cheese pizza in her hand.

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