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  • Doily Allergen

Top 10 Most Fuckable Herkys


As 100 decently fuckable Herky statues went up throughout Iowa City today, only 10 hunky herks made the cut for the MOST fuckable. Below is our carefully constructed list of the hottest and hunkiest hawks.

10. Bottoms Up Herky

Self explanatory - gay and bottom.

9. Homer Simpson Herky

Big head, big brain

8. Scarecrow Herky

If he only had a brain... thank god he has that body.

7. Iowa Cityscapes Herky

Look into those crazy eyes and see your future, baby.

6. Challengers Herky

THREESOMEEEEEE. Bottoms up Herky's boyfriend.

5. Her-Crete

I want him to pour his sement into my crete!

4. Wrestler Herky

This one is genuinely terrifying tbh.

3. Herky Wilder

Love a Herky with a full head of hair. Does the carpet match the drapes? Lemme lick that lollipop.

2. Solon Strong Herky

Where's the beef? Right there, right under the condom logo on his beefy chest!

1. Love & Luck Herky

Tattoos and suspenders? Sign me up!!

0. The Real Herky

He's always been the most fuckable.


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